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Redefining the Channel Partner Experience with a Modular PRM

12.22.22 06:42 PM By Vartopia Team - Comment(s)
Most companies are using PRM solutions today but not every PRM Solution is the best fit for them. And it is pretty complicated to figure out the critical areas where they are not working. Every PRM solution works fine but often lacks in two critical areas. This caninclude: 
  • Failing to deliv...

5 Top Tools to use in your Channel Marketing Campaigns

10.06.22 06:00 PM By Vartopia Team - Comment(s)

A typical Digital Marketing Tools to Support Your Partner Marketing Initiatives  

According to Gartner, on average, marketers will use 7.2 different channels to drive exposure, awareness, and top-of-funnel interest for their organization. Channel marketers are no different, often needing to...

CRM vs PRM - Why the Partner Experience should not be the same as yours

05.12.22 06:00 PM By Vartopia Team - Comment(s)
The question is not which is better, CRM or PRM. The question is, where does each one fit and why should organizations not try and use their CRM as a window or portal for their partners. At their core, both tools share a common purpose, to manage relationships. One seeks to manage relationships with...

3 things to consider when evaluating Channel Management Solutions for your organization

04.28.22 06:00 PM By Vartopia Team - Comment(s)
The adoption of Channel Management and Partner Relationship Management solutions for organizations going to market through partners is continuing to rise; with some analyst reports showing that by 2025 nearly 75% of all B2B organizations will have adopted a technology to automate some aspect of thei...

5 steps for drafting a Channel Partner Engagement Plan

03.03.22 07:00 PM By Vartopia Team - Comment(s)
Partners are an extension of your sales team, there is no denying that. The path to an engaged partner is not a one-size fits all approach and should only be influenced by your existing employee engagement and educational strategies. Creating a strategy, buying technology like partner portals, and h...

Automation via PRM software is the only gateway to channel success

11.11.21 07:00 AM By Vartopia Team - Comment(s)
When it comes to modern businesses, organizations that have a need and/or desire to scale quickly. Undoubtedly, they will choose to invest in technology to act as a force multiplier within their various areas of focus. Specifically in the channel, PRM software is often regarded as the go-to solution...

Why do you fail in scaling your Partner Program?

10.21.21 11:30 AM By Vartopia Team - Comment(s)
We hear it all too often, “our partner program isn’t working ” Unfortunately, simply having a partner program doesn’t mean your partner program is going to be successful. A “build it, and they will come” mentality doesn’t cut it when it comes to B2B partner programs. The truth is a successful partn...