Technology Solutions To Empower Every Team In Your Channel Organization.

As a technology vendor, it's important to ensure that your channel sales and marketing managers have the right tools and strategies to succeed. With the ever-changing landscape of technology and business, it's crucial to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to new trends and customer needs.

Channel Marketing

Equip your channel marketing team with a marketing automation platform that allows them to create, execute and track multi-channel campaigns that resonate with their target audience. Provide them with access to a digital asset management system that houses a central repository of brand-approved marketing materials that they can customize and share with their partners. Additionally, provide them with a lead generation tool that allows them to create and track lead generation campaigns.

Channel Tech Suggestions:
PRM Marketing Enablement
Vartopia Hub
Deal Coach
Campaign Attribution

Channel Sales

Provide your channel sales team with a robust partner portal that includes easy access to sales enablement materials, training resources, and deal registration. The portal should also have a pipeline management tool to help them track leads, opportunities, and sales performance. Additionally, provide them with a sales automation tool that streamlines workflows and makes it easier for them to manage partner relationships.

Channel Tech Suggestions:


Deal Registration

PRM Sales Enablement

Two Tier Registration

EZ Registration Update

Auto Registration 

Channel Enablement

Provide your channel operations team with a partner relationship management (PRM) system that streamlines partner onboarding and makes it easy for them to manage partner data, communications, and incentives. The PRM should also include tools for monitoring partner performance, compliance, and governance. Additionally, provide them with an incentive management tool that automates the calculation, tracking, and payment of partner incentives.

Channel Tech Suggestions:




Channel Operations

Provide your channel management team with a business intelligence (BI) platform that provides real-time visibility into partner performance, sales pipeline, and customer behavior. The BI platform should allow them to create customized reports and dashboards that help them identify opportunities for growth and optimize their channel strategy. Additionally, provide them with a partner engagement tool that allows them to communicate with partners in a personalized and meaningful way.

Channel Tech Suggestions:

Deal Registration


Partner Locator

Reports and Analytical Tools

Make sure that each member of your channel team has the right technology stack!

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