At Vartopia, the choices we have made in the technology architecture we use to design our products make a difference in the experience we provide for our customers. 

Salesforce Applications

When developing our channel revenue management solutions, we made it a goal to create a product that was simple for a vendor's team to deploy, easy for a vendors users to work with, and did not introduce complexity into the processes they were designed to automate.  

Based on the experiences we had with integrations we had done with other enterprise products; we made the choice to provide our customers with an in-CRM application.  This is an industry-wide best practice in the SaaS space.

Multitenant Architecture

Multitenant Architecture is a software design approach that allows multiple users, or tenants, to share a single instance of an application while keeping their data private and secure. This efficient and cost-effective method offers scalability and simplified maintenance, making it an attractive choice for many companies. Well-known SaaS companies, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, Zendesk, Slack, Hubspot, Stripe, Square, Quickbooks and Atlassian leverage Multitenant Architecture to deliver their services to a diverse range of customers, demonstrating the widespread adoption and success of this design principle in the technology industry.  We have built our web application using this technology principal.