• Lead Sharing

    Sharing leads with your channel partners can be an effective way to increase sales, reach new customers, improve brand visibility, and build stronger relationships with your partners.

    Our products can help streamline the lead sharing process, whether you're a just beginning to sell through the channel and you are looking to expand your reach or a large technology enterprise looking to optimize your sales process.


Salesforce Application

Our Lead Sharing module is part of our overall Salesforce Platform Application, not an integration into your CRM.  Share leads with your partners from within your CRM to help you streamline your processes and harness the deal registration module to track the progress your partners make on those leads.

Web Application

The companion web application provides both you and your partners with an easy to navigate interface to easily manage partner users and levels of access, opportunity information, reports and other tools to help you both work together to make your partner lead management a simplified process for both you and your partners.

Reports and Analytical Tools

The dashboards and reports that are built into our products offer every member of your channel team with the data they need to measure performance and make educated decisions related to your indirect sales business.

Deal Coach

Provide your partners with everything they need to close opportunities while they are working on the deal. Use your outbound message alerts to put key sales tools in their hands when they need it.

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