The easiest way to instantly drive ROI and engagement with your existing Portal and Partner Program Assets. Low Partner Portal engagement is an industry-wide problem. If this resonates with you, you are not alone, in fact, you are in great company. The founders of Vartopia had a vision to create a common platform for not only our vendor customers, but for our partner audience as well. 

To accomplish this, we built our core platform using a technical architecture that put partners at its core, rather than building it to be stand-alone solutions for each individual vendor.  This has enabled us to build the largest partner member connected community in the industry. 

The great thing about the Vartopia Hub is that it is PRM agnostic - Any vendor, irrespective of the way they provide partners access to their Partner Assets can have a complementary Microsite for partners on the Hub.

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What You Need to Know About the Vartopia Hub

You use your existing partner portal.

By linking to your existing partner program assets, such as your portal, you are able to drive additional ROI and partner traffic for your channel technology stack without any additional costs. The Vartopia Hub is portal technology agnostic, you can use the tools already in place with other third party channel technology vendors, or from Vartopia. 

It is located behind a secure credentialed login screen.

Partners have a way to use a single interface to quickly navigate to the information they need in a consistent layout. This reduces the time a partner needs to spend finding your partner program tools.

125,000+ channel partner users are already using it.

Partners sign into the Hub and then onto their existing accounts. The core Vartopia Platform was built based on a single instance multitenant architecture with partners at the core, allowing them to seamlessly connect to the vendors systems with a single user interface.  Learn more about this technology and how is enabling the Hub.

What Partners have shared with us about Portals:

"It took me 20 minutes to find your portal login page" - " Seems like they hide it on purpose"
“Getting access is a huge hassle”- "Managing usernames /passwords is very challenging"
"Every portal is different" – “The good stuff is really hard to find”
Why Vendors Love the Vartopia Hub

Already In Use

Used by over 125,000+ channel partners worldwide, including 100% of the VAR Solution Provider 100

Amplify Your Message

Showcase your partner program to help scale your channel and improve partner engagement and communications

Real Opportunity to Message Partners

Provides an opportunity to message the way you want without fear of end customers or other vendors seeing your content

Direct Access to Tools

Deep links to your Portal, Content, and Deal Registration

Quick Access

Provides Partners with fast access to your partner program

Risk Management

Restricted access to Channel Partners only

Here is what you get with your complimentary microsite:

Portal Link Tiles

Your Vartopia Hub Microsite comes with four standard tiles that link to your partner portal, your content library, the area where partners submit a deal registration on your portal and the area where partners can manage their deal registrations on your portal. 

You can add up to four additional tiles that quick link to anything that you want your channel partners to easily access.

"Every portal is different" – “The good stuff is really hard to find”

Promotional Shoutout

Running a special program?  Have a live event or webinar that you want to highlight?  Use the promotional shout-out to get partner awareness. 

Overview and Incentives Tabs

The overview tab allows you to brand your microsite and provide content that is targeted to your channel partners.  This tab can be customized using our simple WYSIWYG Editor or by dropping in HTML code. 

On the incentives tab, share your partner-wide incentive plans to provide your channel with visibility into the programs you have put in place to help them secure the deals they are identifying and with the margin kickers to drive recommendation behavior. 

Quick Links

In this area, you can share the links to things like your demo, support or specs pages to help your channel partners find the tools they need to provide to your mutual customers. 

Easy to Update Microsite

Your microsite is easily set up and configured in a way that looks consistent throughout the Vartopia Hub.  This enables your partners to quickly identify what they are looking for and encourage them to use the tools you have provided for them to drive business. 

Ready to experience the Vartopia difference for your channel technology stack?

With over 500 channel technology stack design consultations under our belt, you can rest assured that our team can work with you to discover what will work best for your channel business.