About Vartopia

Vartopia provides the best Channel Management Solutions to organizations operating across a wide variety of verticals. Vartopia’s technology manages the entire lifecycle of a partner program, from the partner-facing portal to deal registration, lead sharing, multi-tier GTM models, payments, and everything in between!

Many of our industry’s leading technology Vendors, Distributors, Resellers, and Solution Providers use Vartopia’s Software to increase their channel revenue by reducing operational complexity, automating low-level tasks, and improving visibility. Every month, over 80,000 partners and 500,000 users interact with Vartopia, processing $500B a year in deal registrations, and delivering $25M in payments annually to partners.

Vartopia is focused on helping our customers build amazing relationships with their partners. We do this by not only providing industry-leading Channel Management solutions and technology but by also being our customer’s trusted advisors. 

Our Vision and Mission

We all know that pit in your stomach when things don’t go as planned. We fail to meet a bookings goal, we lose a partner because of channel conflict or we lose a deal because we didn’t approve a deal fast enough. Add in the 1000 other things that can go wrong when you are trying to globally connect two organizations, with two separate sales teams, selling hundreds of different products and one has to wonder why would anyone get into the channel? Our goal… help that feeling in your stomach never happen again.

Our History

Our founding team spent most of their professional career feeling the pain of being a Reseller to some of the most well known brands in the technology world. In 2009, they set out to create a solution built by partners, for partners. What originally started as a multi-vendor registration tool for channel partners quickly evolved as vendors identified the benefit of considering the partner experience when defining programmatic details of a channel program. Since then, our resolve has only grown stronger to create a collaboration model designed to support all ecosystem participants.

Our Core Values


We are considerate and honor the feelings and opinions of others.


We are confident about the future and the opportunities that may come.


Consistence and uncompromising adherence to our principles and values. 


Our actions are always congruent with our beliefs.


We are here to endure the difficult circumstances our customers face.

Why Vartopia?

Vartopia is focused on helping our customers build amazing relationships with their partners. We do this by not only providing industry leading Channel Management solutions and technology, but by also being our customer's trusted advisors.

The Only B2B Channel Marketplace
Vartopia's customers can take advantage of the fact that every month, over 500,000 sales reps from partners around the world are already familiar with our system. Chances are, your partners are already in Vartopia today. The hurdle vendors face in trying to get partners to login and register deals has been removed. 
Applications, not Integrations

Unlike most systems with an integration that is susceptible to breakage when things like fields get updated or changed, we decided to build applications and objects specifically designed to optimize your CRM for success and efficient channel operations.

Partner Experience

Let's face it, no partner wakes up and gets excited about registering a deal. That is why we have done our best to remove every obstacle they face when it comes to registering deals and providing updates.  Our industry first, EZ Update feature allows partners to update deals without ever having to login to your portal.

Industry Channel 

Our team has probably forgotten more about channel than most people know, and as such, most of our customers come to us for strategic advice on launching or growing a channel well before they ever utilize our software.

Vartopia's Leadership Team

Vartopia's team is made up of professionals that have worked on both sides of the technology channel.  We understand the way that technology vendors run their channel business, and the way partners work with the vendors they resell. 

Michael Reilly, CEO 

Mike is passionate about the channel and focused on building solutions to reduce the inherent friction in the indirect sales model.  He has more than two decades of experience working for both resellers and vendors.  When he's not working you will find him chasing his kids around various sports fields or behind the wheel of his rally car.

Christopher Crane, CFO

Chris is a serial entrepreneur having built many successful software companies over the past four decades. His passions outside of work include his family, golf and mountaineering.

Ted Raymond

VP, Sales

Nancy Mather

VP, Operations

Tiana Riddle

VP, Customer Success

Liesl Schwoebel

VP, Marketing

Atul Khindria

VP, Product Management

Raman Katoch

Director, IT and Security