Vartopia's Channel Revenue Management Suite

Enabling sales predictability and faster deal approvals while reducing

 channel operating costs and partner friction

We share a common industry belief that your CRM should be your source of truth. We can help close the vendor-partner gap by managing sales and marketing initiatives from one common source of data. Vartopia transforms your CRM to capture and synchronize all pertinent data from initial deal registration through the renewal of that opportunity, with every touchpoint and KPI in between. Vendors can make smarter, more effective decisions, while the easy-to-use platform has virtually zero learning curve for your partners.

Backed by a Vendor and Partner advisory council that helps drive product roadmap enhancements, Vartopia’s software is built to empower both sides of the vendor-partner channel tech stack.

Revenue Pipeline Visibility

With traditional Deal Registration Management products, you only see the opportunity pipeline that you have with your partners.  The Vartopia solution is an application that sits natively in your CRM and puts all of that data into your existing dashboards. 

Features at a Glance:

  • Salesforce Deal Registration Custom Object
  • Complete Two-tier Distribution Visibility
  • Multiple Program Management

Channel Revenue Analytics

Your channel business helps fuel revenue growth for your company. Having the right data reporting tools to help demonstrate those earnings are a critical component for your management team. 


Features at a Glance:

  • Preconfigured Revenue and Performance Reports
  • Campaign Attribution of Registered Deals
  • Customizable Dashboards by roles, responsibilities, metrics and KPI's  

Partner Incentive Automation

Incentive programs help your channel team influence partner behavior and can be challenging to manage manually. You can reduce operational and reporting overhead by automating this part of your program for your channel operations and finance teams.

Features at a Glance:

  • Configurable Salesforce(c) Based Incentive Program
  • Automated dedicated payment record using rules-based payment engine
  • Integrates with 3rd Party Payment Processing Programs

Web-based Partner Interface​

Making sure your Partners have an easy way to register, manage and renew registered opportunities is key to your programs success. Like you, they need ways to report on vendor deals, manage vendor provided leads, and see incentive payments earned. 

Features at a Glance:

  • Easy Registration Process using available data
  • Deal Update/Renewal from any web enabled device
  • Role based views

Explore Our Channel Technology Products

Our Channel Revenue Suite is a collection of Salesforce and Web-based applications that can be used together, separately, or with other PRM Programs you already have in place.   

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