Redefining the Channel Partner Experience with a Modular PRM

12.22.22 06:42 PM By Vartopia Team
Most companies are using PRM solutions today but not every PRM Solution is the best fit for them. And it is pretty complicated to figure out the critical areas where they are not working. Every PRM solution works fine but often lacks in two critical areas. This caninclude: 
  • Failing to deliver the straightforward and seamless user experience that users expect. 
  • Unable to leverage all of the different content types to attain the kind of outcomes that B2B content marketing has intended. 
As a result, traditional PRM has every solution but probably lacks somewhere in meeting expectations. Consequently, the worst nightmare is losing businesses and failing to achieve the competitive edge that a company’s growth seeks. 

Challenges associated with the traditional PRM 

  • Indirect sales or channel-based companies consistently have bad partner experience 
  • Poor content management 
  • Insufficient and fragmented systems 
  • Solutions that are complicated to scale 
  • Lack of effective measurements 
  • Inefficient metrics to optimize performance 
However, most PRMs have continued to fail in the market due to a lack of ability to overcome these challenges. So, does that mean companies have to compromise and adjust how their program functions? Well, not really! A Modular PRM is all they need.  A PRM solution provider requires specialized experience with three characteristics: 
  • A rich understanding of the total program matrix 
  • Deep consulting experience 
  • Process-led solutions 
With these advancements, PRM has already started moving towards a seamless digital experience platform and is consistently improving. All that is required to resolve the issue is redefining the vision of PRM that weaves the existing elements that are not delivering the expected experience by providing modular PRM Solutions and content together in a single platform.   It is time to redefine the PRM and channel partner’s experience through solution-driven technology and channel-led consulting expertise. So, here’s the solution! 

A Modular Partner Relationship Management Software! 

Imagine a PRM Solution that seamlessly creates a single glass pane for every user type and presents the complete content resource of a company. And not only this, but it also provides scalable, reliable, next-generation, and best-in-class channel partners and user experience right out of the box on a single platform only! Doesn’t it sound fantastic? Indeed! It is certainly a game-changer. And a platform that can dramatically be a game changer cannot be a traditional PRM Solution anyways. Times are changing, and a single scattered gunshot approach won’t help achieve what companies desire. Therefore, a modular PRM is all that companies need to achieve the heights of competitive edge. 

What to look for in a modular PRM Solution? 

A Modular PRM Solution that best fits the company’s requirements and addresses the concerns well is the one that can be right for you! However, since ample solutions exist in the market, which could be the right one for you? What should you look for in a modular PRM Solution? Might be challenging to figure out! But here are a few features that one should look for in a PRM Solution. 
  • Ease of use 
When multiple parties use the PRM Software regularly, selecting precisely easy-to-use software is essential. The users must be able to quickly register new deals, upload content materials, and perform the operations smoothly without lengthy wait times. 
  •  Simple Integrations 
An effective PRM software doesn’t require any IT support or additional prices for installation. Therefore, while selecting the PRM software, it is essential to have one that is easier to install. And whether your organization is using CRM or ERP, ensure to choose a PRM Solution that offers seamless integration. 
  •  Easy to update and maintain 
Once the PRM software is set up for the first time, you may likely need to update it or change it as per the requirements. And therefore, the software that enables the user to make changes, update and maintain easily is all required. An efficient PRM Software facilitates storing and managing all the data in one place. This might include sales data, performance assessment, contact information, or any other relevant data. 
  •  Real-time communication tools 
A reliable PRM solution provides real-time communication tools that regularly help channel partners stay in touch. 
  •  Flexible partner portal 
With an efficient PRM solution, businesses can create a completely customized partner portal that can provide the partner’s desired information whenever they require it with an easy click only. Configure and customize the partner portal for each channel partner. 
  •  Powerful automation features 
A PRM solution lets you streamline partner management processes with powerful automation features. While eradicating the need for much manual effort, a PRM solution provides powerful automation features that offer a quick and easy solution with less time. 

Common features of PRM Software! 

Coming to the common features of a PRM, the following are the core features of an efficient PRM solution. 
  • Automating the channel partner’s onboarding 
  • Sharing educational resources 
  • Providing channel partners with a centralized management portal that is easy to set up and manage 
  • Simplifying the process of logging deals and leads 
  • Enabling faster payments of affiliate commissions 
  • Preventing channel and sales conflict by assuring the lead flow 
  • Forecasting and analyzing the channel sales pipeline 
  • Analyzing which channel partners are efficiently performing 

Wrapping up! 

PRM software can be challenging to choose from. Although many PRM Solutions are available in the market, a PRM should boost sales while building stronger relationships with channel partners. Vartopia’s PRM Solution checks all the boxes well while addressing all the requirements you have. Whether it is about meeting your business goals or looking for seamless integration, easy-to-use setup, and continue making enhancements to maximize the ROI and maintain long-term and effective communications with the channel partners, Vartopia’s PRM has got all the bases covered.  Request a demo today to see how Vartopia’s Modular PRM helps! 

Vartopia Team