• Channel Marketing

    The Channel marketers on your team have certain requirements for your Partner Relationship Management (PRM) system to effectively manage their relationships with their partners and optimize their channel programs.

    Our Channel Marketing module contains all the tools they need to promote the products and services you offer to and through your channel partners.

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Social and Web Content Syndication

Your corporate, product and channel marketing teams work hard to produce content that the ultimate end-users of your products will find engaging, informative and important. 

Make the best use of that content by providing your partners with the opportunity to syndicate content using the communication and marketing channels they use to reach your ideal customers.

Webinar Intergration

Have your corporate and product marketing teams developed engaging webinar content that you want to share through your channel?  Do that easily with the webinar functionality of our channel marketing modules available in your PRM.

Thru-partner Marketing

Making sure that the messages your corporate and product teams develop stay consistent and resonate with your ideal customer profiles can be challenging when you introduce additional layers to your sales process.  Creating and driving through partner campaigns is a great way to make sure that your messages stay on brand and the partners have an easy way to promote your products and service. 

Social Marketing

Your social media team works hard to come up with content that resonates with your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs).  Leverage that experience by passing through that content with your partners to expand your share of voice and social impact.

Partner Playbooks

Between your marketing, product, and sales teams, you've worked hard to identify the right strategy to make an impact with your Ideal Customer Profiles.  You've developed a way to take from the "best of the best" practices on your sales side and you can use this as a way to share that process with your ecosystem. 

Reports and Analytical Tools

The dashboards and reports that are built into our products offer every member of your channel team with the data they need to measure performance and make educated decisions related to your indirect sales business and can be configured to meet your needs.

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