• Channel Incentive Management

    Providing your channel partners with the right motivation to promote, recommend and include your products and services in opportunities is an important tactic to drive the positive behavior you are looking for.  Don't rely on tracking these incentives on spreadsheets and internally-built databases that are manually driven, utilize the Vartopia Incentive System.

    The Vartopia team has developed a Salesforce Application that allows you to manage those processes directly in your CRM.  You can also integrate with a 3rd-party FinTech provider to automate the set-up, payment and yearend reporting for your incentive programs. 

Salesforce Application

Our Payments Module is an actual Salesforce Application, not an integration into your CRM. Your CRM Admin team will love how easy it is to deploy, and set-up is in hours, not days or weeks. 

Keep all of your customer data in your CRM, including the tracking of incentives earned and paid to partners.

Rules-based Payment Engine

Quickly define the parameters of the incentive programs you are looking to manage.

Campaigns - Marketing/Revenue Attribution

Get full visibility into the revenue performance of the marketing campaigns your team provides to partners.

Complete Reporting and Analytical Tools

Vartopia's Incentive Management product includes a comprehensive set of salesforce reports and dashboards that allow you to track, monitor and report on the activities related to your incentive management programs.

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