How to recruit and grow the best Channel Partners?

10.13.22 06:00 PM By Vartopia Team
Does recruiting the right talent for your organization a cakewalk?  Learning to recruit channel partners is the holy grail of many channel organizations across the globe. And why not? Your channel partners are your revenue engine for the organization. A channel partner is no less than your organization's asset, which can raise your business's bar by delivering exceptional performance. When hiring the right partners, they help in good & bad times. Your channel partners act as your company advisors because they have accurate insights into the market; during difficult times, the right partner can help you understand different cost-saving ways, and during the good times, they can guide you in technical upgrades as per the competitive aspects.  Suppose your goal is to reach the most productive partners who make the most for your organization. In that case, it is time to explore ways to recruit channel partners with whom mutually beneficial relationships can be built.  Recruiting the right partners can deliver significant great results and drive a powerful engine for growth. Let's find out some ways to recruit the best talent for your organization despite the existing competition from the companies who also want to hire those partners. 

1. Talk about your channel partner program before recruiting:

Partners don't look for a common product in the competitive marketplace but a comprehensive and well-designed channel program to pitch in the market. A well-thought channel program gives opportunities for partners to find out unique selling points and create a strong market message. It's important to keep all things transparent in front of the partners before recruiting them.Some of the aspects that can be made clear from the first day itself like: 
  • Sharing insights on the commission structure 
  • The kind of growth opportunities that comes with a more significant revenue share of partner program 
  • Perks for partners beyond the revenue 
  • What benefits can partners expect in terms of their personal growth 
These aspects can't be ignored if you are willing to recruit new channel partners since you only have the first impression to make the most of it!

2. Make it all about your partners and value them!

No two partners can be the same! Some partners will be extremely high performers, while some are new in the market and have limited potential. Screening your partners rightly from day one helps you to set clear goals without wasting any investment.  This stage of identification & profiling can be tedious. But, everything is going to help you during your sales process. Your channel program can reach heights and a more extensive section of the market when you know which mediocre-performing partners have the potential to become top performers.  Building a strong reputation in the channel is only possible when you provide solid pre-sales support to assist your partners in closing the deals. While customers work hard towards generating sales, it's equally important to provide post-sale support, whether it's about billing or the commission's payouts.

3. Keep analyzing your partners

Everybody needs a constant push and upgrade to keep tackling the dynamic environment of the market. In order to know if your partners are interested in learning and growing, it's important to assess them at every stage. Assessments are a great way to build a healthy and strong relationship with channel partner recruitment and continuous engagement.  Regular business reviews can also help you test partners' performance and get a clear picture of how they perform and your expectations. This can help you understand which products are performing the best. There's no rule book to finding the right partners and keeping them growing with your business; however, the above aspects can help you better understand keeping the partners on the right path.Request a demo today to know what's best for your partners and set up a foundation for your channel's success. 

Vartopia Team